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Recyclemania at Virginia Tech


Rise And Shine Hokies, Its RecycleMania Time

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For the eighth consecutive year Virginia Tech will participate in the national RecycleMania Program. RecycleMania 2013 is a friendly competition among colleges and universities across North America to promote recycling awareness and education. Held each spring during an eight week period, schools compete to see who can recycle the most material and create the least amount of trash.

Recyclable materials for the competition include:

  • Paper (all kinds)
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic Bottles and Aluminum Cans
  • Food Service Organics (Composting)

Materials are measured by weight in pounds. Total weights for each material throughout the competition are determined, as well as material on a per capital basis.

RecycleMania 2013 will be officially held during the period February 3 through March 30. The Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority in Christiansburg will provide our data for trash and all recycling materials except food service organics. Poplar Manor Enterprises in Riner will provide the compositing figures. To assist is the data collection process there is a two-week Trial Period from January 20 through February 2.

The Office of Energy and Sustainability has the overall responsibility to promote and coordinate RecycleMania 2013 activities. The competition is open to everyone on campus. All university students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to participate. This is a wonderful time to conduct your spring housecleaning and to recycle those materials no longer needed-especially paper products.

In 2012 Virginia Tech recycled 578,060 pounds of materials, and this represented a 29% increase from 2011 (447,320 pounds). Materials included:

  • 208,420 pounds of paper
  • 127,920 pounds of cardboard
  • 45, 420 pounds of plastic bottles and aluminum cans
  • 196,300 pounds of food service organics (composting)

Thanks in large part to Library Services’ journal recycling program our paper recycling total increased over 70%. Food service organics increased by 23%. Last year Virginia Tech placed second in the competition in the Commonwealth of Virginia behind UVA.

Our goal for RecycleMania 2013 is to increase our recycling by 5% and to decrease our trash by 5%.

For Calendar Year 2011 Virginia Tech achieved an overall recycling rate of 40.14%. We are still in the process of collecting data for the CY 2012 report, and I’m delighted to report all indications show it will be higher. This upward trend in recycling rates is consistent over the past decade and RecycleMania 2013 helps to promote that awareness and encourage more participation.



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