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Virginia Tech Recycling

Virginia Tech Recycling (VTR) is a part of Facilities Operations and provides dependable, convenient, and cost effective recycling services to the university community. VTR supports campus sustainability and the Virginia Tech Climate Action Commitment goal to minimize waste and achieve a 50% recycling rate by 2020.


Recycling at Virginia Tech is supported in all academic buildings, residence halls, dining facilities, athletic facilities, student services buildings, administrative buildings, and outside on the campus grounds. We are always striving to make the recycling on campus more accessible, more clearly labelled, and overall easier for all members of the campus community. Please offer feedback on how we can do better to serve your recycling needs!

For more information about waste generation at Virginia Tech, please see the Introduction to Virginia Tech’s Waste Management Program.


Contact Info

Recycling Collection Support:
Windell Jones
Phone: 540-231-9916

General Recycling Questions:
Denny Cochrane
Phone: 540-231-5184

Hazardous Waste Collection:
Rob Lowe
Phone: 540-231-2510

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