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About the Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities

The Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities (CPIF)  division provides safe, inclusive, accessible, sustainable, mission-centric, partner-focused, and cost-effective spaces that preserve, foster, complement, and advance Virginia Tech’s distinct senses of place and service.

The division, comprised of more than 500 highly skilled and talented team members, is charged with:

  • Analyzing, planning, maintaining, and improving the physical infrastructure to meet the needs of the institution’s programs.
  • Enabling the proper management for, and enforcement of, the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC) to ensure that assets are in compliance with the code, related laws, and regulations.
  • Championing efforts to provide an inclusive and universally accessible campus environment.
  • Championing environmental stewardship and climate action through best-in-class sustainability and energy management programming.
  • Developing and implementing a campus master plan that serves as the physical manifestation of the university’s strategic plan.
  • Ensuring the continuity of campus aesthetics and the preservation of Virginia Tech's architectural heritage.
  • Maintaining buildings, electrical/mechanical systems, utility infrastructure, and campus grounds to provide a reliable, efficient, functional, and beautiful setting.
  • Managing strategic and tactical real estate functions.
  • Facilitating the university’s space management program and associated processes to allow for informed decision making and space accountability.
  • Partnering with local governmental officials to work on issues where the university interfaces with the local governments, particularly in the areas of infrastructure planning and development.


Infrastructure & Chief Sustainability Officer

Strategic Partnership

Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Chris Kiwus | Vice President for Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities