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May 2020: Grove oak trees claimed by severe weather

students planting new trees at the Grove. The two trees lost are in the background
The two oak trees (at right) at the Grove during an Earth Week planting event in 2019. Sarah Myers for Virginia Tech.

Two oak trees were claimed by severe weather on May 21, 2020 at the Grove.

The large white oak was located in the island of the Grove front driveway and blown over by  unusual easterly wind gusts. It subsequently hit a nearby pin oak tree, splitting the pin oak in half approximately 12-to-15 feet down the trunk, requiring its removal.

Under supervision of the university arborist, both damaged trees were removed. Upon inspection, the arborist determined that the white oak suffered previously existing structural issues and root loss that contributed to the tree’s failure.

A portion of wood from these trees may be used around the Grove and Duck Pond for the benefit of wildlife.

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