oak tree next to Seitz Hall
Image of the large white oak that was removed in January 2020.

Removal of large white oak tree behind Seitz Hall

The Virginia Tech Facilities Department removed the large white oak tree behind Seitz Hall on Jan. 9-10, 2020. 

The scheduled removal came after an extensive tree risk assessment conducted by the university arborist. Due to the loss of strength within the trunk and decayed buttress of the tree, it was probable that a wind event would apply more force than the tree trunk structure could withstand, posing a potential safety or structural hazard. 

The tree showed signs of extensive crown dieback.

The Facilities Department is actively planning to replace the tree in the near future. The main trunk and sizeable limbs from the original tree will serve as nurse logs for wildlife habitat enhancements around the Duck Pond and other strategic locations across campus.

Inside of tree previously outside Seitz Hall
Inside of tree post-removal.
Another view into the Seitz Hall tree
Another vantage point into the Seitz Hall tree.