Having the appropriate space available is essential to the success of the university’s students, employees, and programs.

Requesting new space

Departments in need of new or additional space should submit a Space Request Form to the Office of University Planning at mail code 0160. All required signatures on page 3 of the Space Request Form should be obtained by the requestor before submitting the form to the Office of University Planning.

To determine square footage estimates for the Space Request Form, reference the Virginia Space Guidelines.

The process for finding new space is governed by Presidential Policy Memorandum 289.

When new space isn't available on-campus

If the Office of University Planning is unable to locate acceptable space on-campus, the requesting department is referred to the Office of Real Estate Management for assistance finding off-campus space. Leasing off-campus space is considered a temporary solution until appropriate university-owned space becomes available.

The office will identify possible rental locations and work with landlords to negotiate the terms of the lease along with any space modifications that may be necessary.

During the process of creating the contract and throughout the life of the lease, the Office of Real Estate Management will ensure that appropriate guidelines are followed and that everything is in compliance with university policies and procedures.

For more information on the leasing process or existing leases, call the Office of Real Estate Management at 540-231-8430.


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