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Call: 540-231-4300


Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities service requests can be submitted online or via telephone. Services provided by the division include, but are not limited to: housekeeping, grounds, health and safety, heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, elevators, pest control, and general repairs. 

Routine Service Requests

Routine maintenance requests for all on-campus facilities should be submitted online via ReADY Request. The online platform for maintenance requests provides real-time updates on the work completed. Click here to watch a short video using navigating ReADY Request. 

Routine maintenance requests for residence halls can also be called in to (540) 231-1111. 

Routine maintenance requests for education and general use buildings can also be submitted to or (540) 231-4300.

Emergency Service Requests

Call (540) 231-4300 during normal business hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) Monday through Friday. 

Outside of normal business hours or during holidays, call the Virginia Tech Police Department's non-emergency line at (540) 231-6411 to report the situation.

Leased-Facility Service Requests

Responsibility for maintenance and repair of leased facilities varies according to defined contractual conditions. University programs have received guidance on whether to submit information via a landlord portal or into the Virginia Tech work management system at

Questions about using the online system may be directed to (540) 231-4300. 

For any modifications or renovations needed to a leased space, the Office of Real Estate Management should be your first point of contact and will guide you through the process depending on the unique circumstances of your situation. For more information, email

Customer-Funded Service Requests

For a new job or project that will be funded by the requesting department (examples include making keys or signs, painting an office, moving and hauling, or renovating a space), submit an Interdepartmental Service Request (ISR) through HokieMart to initiate the process. The supplier should be listed as "VT Facilities Services." More information on submitting an ISR is available.