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Maintenance and Repair

Hokie Stone Archway

The Facilities Department is responsible for a comprehensive, university-wide program to identify and carry out necessary maintenance and repair of university facilities. Facilities staff conduct periodic, detailed inspections to evaluate the maintenance condition of facilities and to identify any necessary corrective work.

Maintenance, repair, or other service work requiring minimal labor and cost is classified as routine service work. To submit a request for work, submit a HokieServ Customer Request Form. Questions concerning available maintenance and repair services should be referred to Facilities Customer Service at 540-231-4300.

Services for Leased Facilities

Responsibility for maintenance and repair of leased facilities varies according to defined contractual conditions. For these types of issues, please call Facilities Customer Service at 540-231-4300. For any modifications or renovations needed to a leased space, the Office of Real Estate Management should be your first point of contact and will guide you through the process depending on the unique circumstances of your situation. For more information, contact the Office of Real Estate Management at 540-231-8430.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is planned routine inspection of equipment and facilities to provide adjustments, cleaning, and minor repairs to ensure good serviceable condition and to reduce interruptions of service.

Facilities staff will inspect, test, and service facility components, equipment, and systems across the university to ensure good working order. Required periodic tests of elevators, fire protection systems, boilers, and pressure vessels are performed in accordance with applicable codes and regulations.