HokieServ is used to manage approximately 30,000 work orders generated yearly through the Facilities Department. The system interfaces with HokieMart as a vendor to receive Interdepartmental Service Requests (ISRs) and as a purchaser associating all purchases with the related work orders. All departmental and Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc. billing is routed directly from HokieServ to the Banner system.

Access to HokieServ
All customers will be able to track their requests in HokieServ as to when and how many requests were submitted. Please submit a request through Team Dynamix.

Getting started
To report a problem, please submit a HokieServ Customer Request Form.

No charge work orders
For all work orders for which the customer does not pay the Facilities Department (examples include regular corrective maintenance such as rooms being too hot/too cold, light bulb change, leaks, etc.), requests will be entered directly by the customer using the HokieServ Customer Request Form. To access this form, users must log into the HokieServ system with their PID user ID and password (same as the HokieMart login).

Assistance with HokieServ
Questions regarding HokieServ should be directed to Facilities Customer Service at 540-231-4300 or HokieServ@vt.edu.