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Energy Reduction Efforts

The mission of the Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities' Office of Energy Management is to guide the operations of the university to achieve tangible reduction in energy consumption on campus through the development and implementation of various Demand Side Management (DSM) policies, initiatives, and projects.

DSM promotes energy efficiency by means of upgrading, retrofitting, and commissioning mechanical, lighting, and electrical systems in university buildings. The Office of Energy Management has launched a Five Year Energy Action Plan to address the energy efficiency improvements within a group of the fifty most energy intensive buildings on campus. Additionally, numerous other on-going projects are in effect to successfully manage energy consumption on campus.

While DSM is primarily concerned with reducing on-site energy consumption and related costs, it has the potential to support the university’s commitment to sustainability.  The benefits gained from the program include carbon footprint reduction, improvement of indoor air quality, and conservation of resources.  The DSM program will help the university to be less vulnerable to sudden changes in the energy market and set its way towards a “net zero energy” future.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments about the university's energy reduction efforts, contact the Office of Energy Management at 540-231-6348.