In 2015-16, the Facilities Department conducted a benchmarking analysis of campus buildings which identified about fifty energy intensive buildings or “energy hogs”. Representing only 35 percent of the university’s grounds, these facilities collectively account for approximately 70 percent of the utility costs associated with the operation of the main Blacksburg campus.

Following this study, a comprehensive Five Year Energy Action Plan was developed to guide the operations of the university to achieve significant reduction in energy costs through the implementation of various policies, initiatives, and energy-retrofit projects. The program concentrates on ten “energy hog” buildings per phase, with a primary focus of completing them all in five years. More information regarding on-going energy projects as part of this plan is available.

Under this plan, it is estimated the university can achieve an energy cost savings of approximately $4.5 million in the five years. The Facilities Department conducts annual reviews of the program and incorporates necessary changes into the scope to improve the performance of the program.

This plan supports the Virginia Tech Climate Action Commitment and Sustainability Plan.  

For more information about the Five Year Energy Action Plan, contact the Office of Energy Management at 540-231-6348.

Five Year Energy Action Plan
Five Year Energy Action Plan