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Scheduled Energy Load Reduction on Campus


Oct. 2: Virginia Tech Blacksburg campus asked to reduce electric use

Due to the record high temperatures forecast for today in many areas up and down the east coast, the electric grid operator has requested that major electric customers curtail energy use.  As such, Virginia Tech will execute a load reduction exercise to reduce the university’s electric use.  This reduction exercise will go into effect immediately until such time that we are notified to discontinue.

UPDATE: Oct. 2, 4:30 p.m. - The exercise has ended and operations will be transitioning back to normal.

UPDATE: Oct. 2, 1:55 p.m. - Steam venting is underway at the Power Plant in connection with the reduction exercise. Elevated noise levels may also be noticed near the Power Plant.

All students, faculty, and staff on the Blacksburg campus are asked to turn off and unplug, if appropriate, all non-critical lighting and electrical loads during this event.

What can you do to help? A few suggestions include:

  • Turning off office, common areas, and hallway lights
  • Turning off personal computers and peripherals when not in use
  • Turning off shared electronics (televisions, projectors, copiers, printers, fax machines, etc.) when not in use
  • Unplugging appliances (coffee makers, refrigerators, washers/dryers, cooking equipment, etc.) when not in use
  • Turning off laboratory equipment when not in use

Throughout the afternoon and evening, Facilities Department employees will canvas buildings to encourage and assist building occupants to turn off and power down. In addition, Facilities HVAC staff will be reducing air conditioning levels in select, non-critical areas.

As a large consumer of electricity in the region, Virginia Tech’s participation helps mitigate the loss of power in the broader community during times of peak energy usage, like those being experienced today and expected tomorrow.  

The university successfully tested this procedure during its ‘Lights Out Power Down’ exercise in June 2019.

Please direct any questions to VT Repair at 540-231-4300.

Thank you in advance for your participation and assistance.

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