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Sustainability Annual Reports

In order to track Virginia Tech's progress towards the goals set out in the Climate Action Commitment, the Office of Sustainability releases several reports annually.

Sustainability Plan and STARS Reports

In 2011, Virginia Tech utilized the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) to manage and track the elements of the original Sustainability Plan that accompanied the Climate Action Commitment. In 2015, the University Council approved an update to the Sustainability Plan, which outlines the intent to rely on STARS as the primary tracking system. This update also included several items that are not addressed by STARS, but are important to the Virginia Tech sustainability mission and tracked independently of STARS.

Sustainability Annual Reports

Every year, Virginia Tech provides a Sustainability Annual Report, which outlines the annual progress towards the university's sustainability goals. These reports include data on major sustainability metrics, as well as major achievements every year.

Greenhouse Gas Assessment and Inventory Reports

Virginia Tech continues to monitor the GHG emissions from campus operations and facilities in order to track progress towards meeting the university's climate action commitment goals.  This report breaks down Virginia Tech's scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in great detail and looks at historical trends.

Calendar Year Recycling Rate Reports

To comply with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Tech submits a calendar-year recycling rate report every spring. These reports track the various recyclable materials collected and diverted, including single stream recycling, waste oil, construction waste, demolition waste, compost, and others.