This project includes the replacement and upgrade of central plant equipment in the existing campus chiller plants and the expansion of the underground distribution infrastructure to link campus chiller substations and bring existing campus buildings online. The envisioned improvements include the replacement of outdated chiller equipment in the North Chiller Plant with two new approximate 3,000 ton chillers, installation of a thermal storage system, and installation of one new approximate 1,500 ton chiller in the Southwest Chiller Plant. The project also includes the replacement and upgrade of ancillary equipment with state-of-the-art, optimally sized pumping and system support equipment, and the expansion of the distribution system to connect the two plants. The project accommodates the need to meet LEED refrigerant requirements by replacing outdated, inefficient chiller equipment with equipment using newer refrigerant types.

Building Number
204 (North Chiller Plant) and 380 (Southwest Chiller Plant)

Gross Square Feet

Virginia Tech Project Manager
Gerard Folio


Project Budget

Construction Status
Project is awaiting design

Project Completion

For additional information, contact Gerard Folio at 540-231-2269.