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CNS Unified Communications

This project improves four complementary communication infrastructure components over five years. The four components include a unified communications system, upgrading the Internet Protocol (IP) Network, upgrading the cable plant, and upgrading equipment rooms in various facilities. The unified communications component replaces the outdated campus telephones and voicemail systems. Upgrading the IP Network involves replacing outdated internet protocol equipment across the entire network system. Upgrading the cable plant replaces old horizontal and vertical cabling for 41 campus buildings. The facilities upgrade involves constructing or renovating equipment rooms on an as needed basis to support updated communications and data equipment.

Building Number
Varies (multiple buildings)

Gross Square Footage

Virginia Tech Project Manager
Communication Network Services (CNS)

Construction Manager
Various contractors

Multiple A/E firms

Project Budget

Construction Status
The migration of services from the legacy ROLM Telephone system to the new unified communications systems is complete. Unified Communications cabling activities have a target completion date of December 2016.

Project Completion
Fall 2016

LEED Certification

For additional information, contact CNS at 540-231-6460.