The university’s current inventory of science instruction laboratory spaces is not sufficient to accommodate projected enrollment growth through 2023. To meet demand for laboratory instruction, the university has developed a two-pronged strategy that includes new construction to add space and renovations to repurpose underutilized spaces. Renovations will provide space to meet the immediate impacts of enrollment growth and the demand for laboratory courses until the new building is available. In the long term, the renovations will serve to fully accommodate expected demand for laboratory course sections through 2023 and beyond.

The plan for the renovations is to repurpose up to seven laboratory spaces in Derring Hall and up to three laboratories in Hahn Hall. These laboratories would expand space to meet growing demand for course sections in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and microbiology.

Building No.
Derring Hall-155; Hahn Hall-158

Gross Square Feet

Virginia Tech Project Manager
Joe Hoeflein

Construction Manager


Project Budget

Construction Status
Project has been authorized by the Board of Visitors.

Project Completion

LEED Certification

For additional information, contact Joe Hoeflein at 540-231-3689.