Derring Steps Project Rendering

The renovated staircase outside Derring Hall improves the appearance, function, and safety of one of the most heavily trafficked areas on campus. In addition to an entirely new look, the project created additional common spaces for active and passive recreation. Wooden trimmed benches have been incorporated beside the steps and additional seating has been added at the terraces flanking the stair landings. Numerous landscape planters and trees now provide shade and beautiful scenery. Electrical outlets and Wi-Fi access have been added encouraging students to interact in more meaningful ways outside the classroom. 

Virginia Tech Project Manager
Gilbane staff

Construction Manager

Draper Aden and Hill Studio

Project Budget

Construction Status

Project Completion
September 2016

For additional information, contact 540-231-4300.

Concept Images and Renderings

Before Construction Photos

Construction Photos

Completed Project Photos