Located on the site of the existing football practice fields, the Indoor Athletic Training Facility is a 210 feet wide, 400 feet long facility designed to increase the availability of indoor training time for the university's football program. The height from the synthetic turf playing surface to the bottom of the steel ceiling trusses is more than 86 feet at its apex, allowing plenty of room for punting and kicking. Its 8-foot padded walls, wide sidelines, full scoreboard, and 40-second clocks on each end allow the football program to hold a full-contact scrimmage. In addition, the facility features garage-type doors, which open quickly and allow the players to move from the outdoor practice field into the indoor facility in inclement weather.

The athletics department envisions men’s and women’s soccer, softball, baseball, and lacrosse all using the building for training and conditioning purposes, particularly during inclement weather in late winter and early spring.

Building Number

Gross Square Footage
91,600 GSF

Virginia Tech Project Manager
University Design & Construction

Construction Manager
W.M. Jordan


Project Budget

Construction Status

Project Completion
Summer 2015

LEED Certification

For additional information,  contact the Facilities Department at 540-231-4300.

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