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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Netted Facility

Comparative project photo provided by Golf Netting, Inc.
Comparative project photo provided by Golf Netting, Inc.

Construction was completed on the $1.2 million unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) netted facility on Oak Lane, southwest of the Virginia Tech Golf Course. The facility, a 300’ by 120’ drone cage, has several 85’ tall grey posts around the perimeter that hold the black net that enclose the space. Two trailers are located on the site and serve as office/meeting space. ADA compliant sidewalks, ramps, and street lighting were installed. This project is part of a $75 million plan to emphasize intelligent infrastructure

Building Number

Gross Square Feet
Drone cage: 300’ x 120’ x 85’ 

Virginia Tech Project Manager
Anthony Watson, 540-231-6852.

Construction Manager
Philip Stafford
DCI Shires & Shawn Szuba
Golf Netting Inc.


Project Budget

Project Completion
Fall 2017


Comparable Project Photos