Additional Planning Efforts

      • Bicycle Parking Master Plan

        In 2014, Virginia Tech conducted an assessment of the existing conditions for bicycle parking on campus. The assessment led to a plan that identifies the current demand for bicycle parking as well as specifies potential sites for new bike racks to be installed. Future plans have been made for mass bicycle parking “hubs” in several potential locations as campus builds out.

      • Drillfield Master Plan

        The goal of the Drillfield Master Plan is to preserve the beauty of the area while making it a more usable space. In addition to addressing the pathways, the master plan will address significant changes to the field turf, seating opportunities, crosswalks and lighting, improved amenities (including wi-fi), and landscaping.

      • Five Year Energy Action Plan

        A comprehensive Five Year Energy Action Plan was developed to guide the operations of the university to achieve significant reduction in energy costs through the implementation of various policies, initiatives, and energy-retrofit projects. The program will concentrate on ten “energy hog” buildings per phase, with a primary focus of completing them all in five years.

      • Parking and Transportation Master Plan

        In June 2015, Virginia Tech partnered with VHB to develop a 10-year Parking and Transportation Master Plan. The process took about a year and the plan, which replaces the 2002 version, was finalized in August 2016.