Drillfield Master Plan

An oval-shaped, grassy stretch of land bordered by trees, Virginia Tech's Drillfield serves as the center of the Blacksburg campus and remains one of the most unique and storied locations at the university. Thousands of people come into contact with the Drillfield each day, students and faculty rushing to class crossing paths with visitors strolling around the central campus.

The goal of the Drillfield Master Plan is to preserve the beauty of the area, while creating  a more usable space. In addition to addressing the pathways, the master plan addresses significant enhancements to the field turf, seating opportunities, crosswalks and lighting, improved amenities (including wi-fi), and landscaping. As part of this project, the university is testing different materials on the Drillfield Paths to be considered for permanent installation in the future.

For additional information, contact Jack Rosenberger at 540-231-1844.

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