Dietrick Plaza is an important and heavily-traversed thoroughfare for students and campus visitors; however, the plaza itself is under-utilized. The expansive concrete paving combined with a lack of shade creates an unsatisfactory environment for social engagement.

The Facilities Department collaborated with the Division of Student Affairs to transform the portion of Dietrick Plaza in front of Dietrick Dining Hall into a new, outdoor social space. The schematic design study seeks to enhance the overall user experience at Dietrick Plaza by breaking down the large plaza into several small to midsized, interconnected sub-plazas. Reducing the scale, all while supporting its current use as an important thoroughfare, will promote a high-quality and varied experience for a wide-range of campus users.

A feasibility study  exploring opportunities to enclose the space under the overhang in order to capture additional dining and retail space and to transform the space into a vibrant interior student commons space is in progress.

Virginia Tech Project Manager
Jack Rosenberger

For additional information, contact Jack Rosenberger at 540-231-1844.

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