Design & Construction Standards

It is the university’s intent to maximize the design potential of each campus building project in terms of accommodating the programs to be served, fostering collegiality on the campus, and contributing to the public realm that defines the Virginia Tech campus as a unique place. In order to achieve the programmatic goals of each project, the design must cost-effectively overlay the specific, user-generated objectives for the project with the university objectives of institutional identity, durability, longevity, flexibility, and adaptability.

The Facilities Department recognizes the importance of the architectural and planning traditions at Virginia Tech and strives to contribute to the further development of the campus as a highly imaginable, unique, and inspiring place.

To achieve these goals, it is incumbent upon the project design team to invest in an understanding not only of immediate program goals, but also of the history of planning and architecture on the campus, of the goals and objectives of the current campus master plan, and particularly of the immediate context (precinct and site) for the project. To satisfy these goals, the Facilities Department has developed universal Design and Construction Standards for all projects on the Virginia Tech campus.