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Life, Health, Safety, Accessibility, and Code Compliance

About the project

The capital construction project will create an accessible route through the North Academic District that includes Bishop-Favrao Hall, Derring Hall, Cowgill Hall, Johnston Student Center, and Hitt Hall

Two new structures - which include double elevator banks with two stops each, glass lobbies, and connecting platforms - are among project features that will enhance accessibility, mobility, and safety in the region.

Due to existing topography and building footprints, the current pedestrian corridor from Perry Street to Cowgill Plaza traverses multiple campus elevations and is stair-intensive. Alternative accessible routes are circuitous, lengthy, and difficult to locate and navigate. 

The project is the first priority of three high-priority accessibility initiatives identified by the university in the Life, Health, Safety, Accessibility, and Code Compliance category of the 2018-24 Capital Outlay Plan.

Priority 1 - a pair of elevator towers in the North Academic District.

Priority 2 - an American with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant pathway in the North Academic District. 

Priority 3 - ADA-compliant pathway near Patton Hall.

Additional design features and elements

  • New bench seating
  • Hokie Stone
  • Transparent glazed glass
  • New planters

Timeline: (Construction Start/Target Completion)

Priority 1 – Spring 2023/Spring 2024

Priority 2 – Spring 2024/Fall 2024

Priority 3 – Summer 2024/Spring 2025

Build Method



Priority 1 - Quinn Evans

Priority 2 - Sasaki

Priority 3 - Sasaki

Gross square feet


Current phase

Priority 1 - Under construction

Priority 2 - In design

Priority 3 - In design


Priority 1 - W. M. Jordan Company

Priority 2 - TBD

Priority 3 - TBD