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Renovate/Renew Academic Buildings

The renovation/renew project focused on three historic buildings located on the Drillfield: Davidson Hall (front section), Sandy Hall, and the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Building.

The project concluded in June 2019 with the completion of renovations in Sandy Hall.

Collectively, the renovations increased the functionality of three underutilized buildings, addressed several deferred maintenance issues, and reduced critical space deficiencies.

All three renovations were accomplished in alignment with the university’s goal (Virginia Tech Climate Action Commitment) for all major renovations and new construction to achieve a minimum LEED rating of silver.

The architect/engineer for the project is Glave and Holmes Architecture and the general contractor is Branch & Associates, Inc.

Davidson Hall

Davidson Hall houses offices, classrooms, and laboratories for the Department of Chemistry. The renovation included exterior repairs to masonry and window replacement, and fully rehabilitated the interior of the 28,688 square foot historic front section of the building. That portion of the building houses seven classrooms, in addition to multiple administrative and faculty offices for the Department of Chemistry. The building, which dates to the 1930s, received a full overhaul into a modern teaching-and-research building, leaving only the original stone facade untouched.

Davidson Hall renovations were completed in fall 2018. Read the VT News story here.

Sandy Hall

Sandy Hall is an academic building on the Ag Quad that was built in 1924. The building houses offices for the School of Neuroscience in the College of Science. 

The 12,823 square foot Sandy Hall underwent comprehensive interior renovations and rehabilitation of the building's exterior. Two additions totaling 4,800 gross square feet were constructed on the Ag Quad (south) side of the building to provide additional academic support space, vertical egress circulation, and accessible facilities.

Read the VT News story here.

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Building

The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Building is used by the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. It was built in the 1899 to house Virginia Tech’s first Young Men's Christian Association.

The 14,314-square-foot building received a comprehensive interior and exterior renovation, and a 2,000-square-foot addition was constructed on the northwest end of the building to provide ADA accessible facilities.

The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Building renovations were was completed in October 2018. Read the VT News story here.

Gross Square Footage
56,094 GSF (Total: New and renovated)

Virginia Tech Project Manager
Aaron Curfiss

Overall project completion
Summer 2019

Project Manager, Project Inquiries: Aaron Curfiss
Media: Mark Owczarski, Alexa Briehl

Davidson Exterior
Davidson Hall exterior post renovations in fall 2018.