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Student Wellness Improvements

Current vantage of War Memorial Hall's exterior.

Improvements to enhance health and wellness on the Virginia Tech campus will include significant renovations to War Memorial Hall and portions of McComas Hall. The renovations are part of the university’s commitment to supporting holistic student well-being through enhanced student health, wellness, counseling, and recreational sport resources and programs.

The entire 201,000 gross square foot (GSF) War Memorial Hall facility will be fully renovated. Upon completion, War Memorial Hall will house Recreational SportsSchool of Education faculty offices, and research and office space for the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise that will bring together health science with hands-on application of exercise, health, and well-being.

War Memorial renovations will include new, refreshed, and expanded exercise and activity spaces; dedicated functional fitness space; mind and body studio; dance studio; wet classroom for aquatic and safety instruction; building system upgrades, including air conditioning; modernized general assignment classrooms; student gathering spaces; and administrative offices. Newly modernized locker rooms and bathrooms will include family changing rooms and all-gender spaces.

The School of Education’s offices and classrooms will be housed in the historic, Drillfield-facing front portion of War Memorial Hall with renovated space that will enhance the learning environment.

In addition, this comprehensive student wellness improvements capital project will include Schiffert Health Center. Located in McComas Hall, the center will be renovated and expanded to provide additional lab space, more exam and treatment rooms, improved specialty clinic spaces, and a new main entrance for check-in.

Construction Status Updates:

The progress on the War Memorial Hall renovation timeline has been impacted by increased costs to construction, an already constrained budget, as well as impacts of prepping spaces to safely open during COVID-19 last year. The project is currently nearing completion of the redesign phase to meet the available budget.

While a redesign is necessary, the space dedicated to exercise has remained an intentional project priority and is expected to provide excellent recreation and fitness spaces. Well-being is a priority for Virginia Tech and the design for War Memorial captures our commitment to an important component of that – being exercise and movement.

Construction updates will be shared on this site as available.