Shared spaces

Recycling is provided in shared spaces such as kitchens, break rooms, copy rooms, and hallways. With the introduction of single stream recycling, all recyclable materials may be placed in any recycling bin in these areas. Housekeepers will empty these bins periodically and will transport the materials to the loading docks to be picked up by Facilities personnel.

Deskside recycling bins are available by request from the Office of Sustainability. Housekeepers generally do not empty deskside recycling bins. Individuals are asked to empty their own into the larger, centrally located recycling bins.

Virginia Tech Recycling’s goal is to replace and standardize the recycling bins within these shared spaces. Whether or not these changes have made it to a particular building, individuals can continue to recycle as normal. ll All of the materials will be properly handled during collection. The Facilities Department's housekeepers and recycling haulers are trained on the single stream recycling policies.

Hokie Swap

Office supplies, electronics, furniture, and other items in good condition can be bought and sold between departments on Hokie Swap. Hokie Swap is similar to Craigslist, and allows departments to avoid throwing away or surplusing usable items. Items that cannot be used by other departments (non-construction and demolition waste) must go through Surplus Property in accordance with University Policy 3955 Management of Surplus Material.


Mailing address
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