Every residence hall room on campus is furnished with a recycling bin for the collection of single stream recycling (paper products, plastics, metal, and glass). Residents are responsible for emptying the contents of these bins into large outdoor recycling bins located next to the trash dumpsters. Check out the map below to find out where recycling dumpers for resident students are located. Cardboard collection containers are available near some residence halls. VTR and the Office of Sustainability encourage all students to use these recycling bins as a recycling bin, not another trash can!

Residence Hall Recycling Map


At the end of the spring semester, students can donate their unwanted furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items to the Ytoss program. This program cleans, fixes, and stores usable materials over the summer so they can be resold to students in the fall for a deeply discounted price. Since its inception in 2006, Ytoss has:

  • Diverted more than 100 tons of gently used household items from the waste stream
  • Engaged over 1200 community volunteers in service to students and families
  • Generated over $100,000 to support student-led programs that nurture the potential of youth and teens, improve the health and well-being of individuals and families, and inspire social responsibility throughout the New River Valley.
  • Contributed to Virginia Tech’s ranking as a Gold member of the Association of the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in 2014.

Learn more about Ytoss, the YMCA at Virginia Tech, and their other community programs.

Clothing Swaps

In partnership with the YMCA at Virginia Tech, the Office of Sustainability plans periodic clothing swaps for students to get a head start on clearing out gently used items that they no longer want. Students are invited to bring clothing, shoes, and other small items (office supplies, room decorations, books, and jewelry) they are no longer using to the swap. In exchange, students are allowed to "shop" through items brought by other students and the YMCA at a roughly 1-to-1 exchange rate (bring one item, get one item; bring 10 items, get up to 10 items). Keep a lookout on Facebook to find out when and where the next clothing swap will be!


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