Throughout the busiest parts of campus, you will find 100 Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors, all of which have a Landfill and Recycling side of the unit to collect a variety of waste. These Big Belly units come equipped with a solar panel that powers sensors on both sides of the units, which informs VTR which units are full and require servicing and which units are relatively empty. This feature ensures VTR only services those bins that really need it, saving the university time and fuel, which also reduces the carbon footprint of collections.

Additionally, the solar panels power a trash compactor on the Landfill side (compacting recycling leads to broken glass, which is dangerous for our collections crews). By compacting the trash, the bins fill up much more slowly, which means they need to be serviced much less regularly.

In other parts of campus, you will find more traditional “tulip” recycling bins, which can accept any of the allowed single stream materials (see What Can I Recycle?).


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