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Photo Gallery: Earth Week 2016

Earth Week 2016 events include activities aimed at building a more sustainable community

There were a number of activities held on campus during Earth Week 2016 to celebrate the university's progress to date in achieving many of the steps outlined in the Virginia Tech Climate Action Plan.

The university's first solar table, which was manufactured in Roanoke and is the first of its kind, was the brainchild of Patrick Gallagher of Nashville, Tennessee, president of Students for Clean Energy and a senior studying biological systems engineering.

Students “raced” from the front of the Math Emporium to the West Campus Drive side of the Drillfield on April 18 to educate students about the value of using alternative transportation. The student on the bicycle arrived first, followed by the student in a vehicle, the bus, and the pedestrian. The take-away message, according to a Office of Sustainability official is that “bikes are a faster, cleaner, healthier, and cheaper option to travel to campus.”