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2015-16 Interns

laura fetherson

Laura Featherstone is a senior majoring in Environmental Policy and Planning with a minor in Sustainable Natural Environments. She says she is very excited to be part of the Office of Sustainability for her 3rd year in a row as the Social Media Intern. It has been amazing to see how much of a positive impact this office has had on campus and she can't wait to see what we are able to accomplish this school year.

ann beverly prideaux

Ann Beverly Prideaux is a Junior in Environmental Policy and Planning with a Leadership and Social Change Minor. She is on the Energy Team and enjoying every minute of it. She says she looks forward to see how the Virginia Tech student body evolves to become more sustainable throughout this year. Fun fact about Ann Bev: she is currently teaching herself how to play the banjo!

alex flevarakis

Alex Flevarakis is a Junior in Wildllife Conservation. She says she’s ecstatic to be a member of the Energy Team! This year she is excited to encourage and inspire her fellow Hokies to develop sustainable habits. She’s looking forward to making a difference!

drew miller

Drew Miller is a junior majoring in Environmental Policy and Planning with a minor in Natural Resource Recreation. He is a member of Delta Psi Nu Local Leadership fraternity and an Eagle Scout. Drew is excited to promote recycling on and around campus and teach students how to live more sustainably. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, camping, and pretty much any outdoor activity.

ben pollins

Ben Pollins is a junior studying environmental resource management and is an intern on the Energy Team. He’s interested in renewable energy economics and battery storage. Ben enjoys reading, hiking, and good food. He says he wants to leave Virginia Tech better than he found it and help drive its path to zero carbon emissions!

Katie Ranger

Katie Ranger is a senior majoring in Fisheries Conservation. She is also a part of Virginia Tech Nicaraguan Orphan Fund and Appalachian Service Project at Virginia Tech. In her spare time, Katie loves to explore Virginia’s mountains and streams. She is excited to see small changes lead to big impacts on campus this year.

Morgan Altizer

Morgan Altizer is a junior studying Environmental Policy and Planning with minors in Environmental Science and Spanish. She serves as the Assistant Team Lead for the Recycling team. Our team is working hard to promote on-campus recycling and composting in a way that students understand and support. She says she is looking forward to kick-starting a few awesome ideas in our dining halls and multiple on-campus positive PR campaigns. Her love for the environment and sustainability is the result of growing up in Colorado and having the beautiful Rocky Mountains as a playground. She’s looking forward to a great year with Office of Sustainability!

Amy Gelb

Amy Gelb is a junior majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Environmental Policy & Planning. She enjoys sitting on porches, eating bagels, and hammocking in her free time. As an Office of Sustainability intern, she looks forward to inspiring students to live green and create real change on campus.

serena emanuel

Serena Emanuel is a sophomore majoring in Biological Systems Engineering pursuing minors in Green Engineering and Watershed Management. This is her first year as an Office of Sustainability intern and she could not be more excited to have the connections and the resources to make real sustainable changes in the behavior of VT Students. Outside of coming up with LITTERally the best puns about trash and recycling, her favorite activities include dancing, hiking, climbing trees, and swimming.

colette Julson

Colette Julson is a senior in Biological Systems Engineering with a minor in Math and serves on the Resident Outreach team. She loves learning how our natural world works, and how we can interact with it better. Some of her favorite things are drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and talking to people. She is excited to engage with the Virginia Tech Community in this new way and hoping to help spread a love for the environment!

smita sharma

Smita Sharma is a senior studying sustainable Biomaterials major, pursuing the sustainable enterprise track. She also has minor in green engineering. Smita enjoys traveling, hiking, and being outdoors. She is also on the Women's Club Soccer team and likes to play other competitive sports. She is excited to work with her peers to raise awareness and make effective changes on campus

bridget Acland

Bridget Acland is Junior majoring in Sustainable Biomaterials, creating sustainable society track, with a dual minor in green engineering as well as environmental policy and planning. She loves to hike and enjoys anything outdoors or adventurous. She is a member of Students for Clean Energy, The Society of Renewable Resources, Alpha Delta Pi, and teaches indoor cycling classes at Mccomas. She is incredibly excited about interning with the Office of Sustainability and looks forward to not only educating students on recycling but finding fun, creative ways to get students excited over it as well.

meghan hekl

Meghan Hekl is a senior in Civil Engineering with a minor in Green Engineering and is the team leader of the Resident Outreach Team. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, climbing trees, and frolicking through fields of flowers. As an Office of Sustainability intern, she hopes to help build a better future for Virginia Tech by spreading awareness about sustainability issues and practices throughout campus.

emily fennell

Emily Fennell is a senior Geography and Meteorology double major. She is part of the Resident Outreach Team, which she is super excited about because she really wants students to be as informed about all the actions they can take to make their life in the dorms as efficient and sustainable as possible! She says what really sparked her interest in this type of work was her study abroad trip during the Wintermester of 2014-15 to New Zealand, where she learned about wildlife conservation and sustainable urban structures. She hopes to bring some of those ideas over to Virginia Tech's student body!

Chloe Sikora

Chloe Sikora is a sophomore majoring in public relations and minoring in Environmental Policy and Planning. As a member of the resident outreach team, she is stoked about improving the use of recycle bins in dorms and overall energy conservation. She wants to pursue corporate social responsibility in the future and plans to be a yoga teacher on the side. Before entering adulthood, she wants to go to Thailand to help teach English at impoverished communities.

Katie Palombo

Katie Palombo is a senior majoring in political science and minoring in philosophy. She enjoys Chipotle, kittens, and the beach. She is excited to help make Virginia Tech an even more amazing and sustainable school.

Dyllan Taylor

Dyllan Taylor is currently a senior majoring in Environmental Resource Management with minors in Environmental Policy and Planning and Forestry. He works on the Resident Outreach team to encourage sustainable behaviors on campus. This opportunity to work with Office of Sustainability has him stoked to engage with a group of capable individuals by applying our knowledge of the resources at hand in order to create a more sustainable future for our university and community! He says he loves trees and he loves people. Go Hokies!