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Sustainability Through The Seaons
Poster of upcoming events!

Sustainability Week is an event held in September by Virginia Tech, in partnership with the Town of Blacksburg and the local citizen’s group Sustainable Blacksburg. The goal of Sustainability Week is to celebrate all of the wonderful progress both the Town and the university have made in creating a more sustainable community, educate students and citizens alike about how to make their personal lives more sustainable, and motivate them to take real, tangible actions towards being a model green citizen.

Sustainability Week 2020 has finished, but "Sustainability Through the Seasons" continues!

Click here to visit the Town of Blacksburg's Sustainability website for more information!

We are excited to announce a new format, "Sustainability Through The Seasons".  New seasonally appropriate events will be added throughout the year to engage our community beyond the "kick-off" week in September!  Keep checking back with us to see more!


Event Poster Sustainability Through the Seasons .pdf Click here to download the Sustainability Through The Seasons events poster.