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MCM 4: Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

Virginia Tech, along with contractors and university personnel, strive to eliminate the discharge of pollutants into Stroubles Creek from land-disturbing activities by implementing various types of control measures on construction projects. Erosion and sediment control measures are implemented to reduce the amount of sediment leaving the construction site. Other control measures, such as concrete washout facilities, are also implemented to prevent other types of pollutants from leaving the site or leaching into groundwater.

The Facilities Department's Site and Infrastructure Development office performs routine construction site inspections to verify that all erosion and sediment control measures are in place and functioning properly. Responsibility for compliance with applicable laws and regulations involving land-disturbing activities is given to the project manager and the person performing the land-disturbing activity. Projects that fail to comply with the laws and regulations may result in a stop work order and/or other penalties. See the Erosion and Sediment Control/Stormwater Management page to learn more.


For More Information

Construction specifications for installation standards and maintenance requirements for each of these basic control measures, as well as other measures can be found in the Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook.