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Green Office Certification Program

The Green Office Certification Program gives faculty, staff, and students the tools they need to become greener Hokies working in more sustainable office areas.

Each office that would like to participate in the program should identify a Green Representative. If you would like to become your office’s “Green Rep” and complete the Green Office Certification, the first step is to get trained.

Please read below and fill out this form or email to get started.

The goal of this program is to help employees reduce their footprint and improve the overall wellbeing of our planet. Virginia Tech’s Climate Action Commitment outlines goals surrounding energy efficiency, waste minimization, and greenhouse gas reductions. By participating, you will help the university achieve its climate action goals while saving money and resources for your office. You will also lead by example and inspire sustainable behavior change in your colleagues’ everyday lives. As a Green Office Representative, you will be added to a growing network of campus sustainability champions.

Here are ten reasons why your office should seek out Green Office certification

And check out this YouTube video to learn more!

Each office will identify a “Green Rep” who will complete a training session through the Office of Sustainability. In this training, they will gain the skills and knowledge to create a greener workplace. Once the “Green Rep” completes the training, they will unlock the Green Office Certification checklist, where they will work with colleagues to complete over the course of the semester. Each office can choose to work towards various levels of certification (bronze, silver, gold).  Offices are scored in the following categories: Recycling & Events, Energy, Purchasing, Waste Reduction, Transportation, and Innovation.

Once the checklist is complete, it should be submitted to the Office of Sustainability. The office will then receive:

  • An award outlining certification status (bronze, silver, or gold) to hang in a common area
  • Acknowledgement of your certification level on the Green Office webpage
  • Ongoing support to maintain and advance your Green Office status

Anyone who has an office on campus may participate, including student worker office spaces. Generally, groups of individuals who share common spaces (kitchens, break rooms, mail rooms, or printing rooms) are considered an “office.” It may include just one or all of the offices within a unit or division. You may have an office of 6 people or 60 people — all sizes are welcome to participate. Note that this certification is only appropriate for office spaces, not for lab space, residential spaces, or performance venues.  There is a separate certification for lab spaces through Environmental Health and Safety.

If you are interested in becoming your office’s “Green Rep,” you will need to complete a short training session. To learn more, contact If you are working remotely, but would still like to participate, please let us know. Our office can support you in greening your home office too.

Sustainable Transportation Department - Gold Certification (2021); Platinum Certification (2023)

Women's Center at Virginia Tech - Silver Certification

Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health (Roanoke Office) - Gold Certification

Student Affairs Project Management Department - Silver Certification

Services for Students with Disabilities - Gold Certification

Department of Religion and Culture - Gold Certification

Lab Support and Sterilization Services at the Center for One Health Research - Gold Certification

Lab Support and Sterilization Services at the Integrated Life Sciences Building - Gold Certification

Lab Support and Sterilization Services at Phase II - Gold Certification

Procurement - Bronze Certification

Office of Sustainability - Platinum Certification

Department of Management - Gold Certification

Office of the University Bursar - Bronze Certification

Congratulations and thank you for your commitment to making sustainable work spaces.

If you work in a laboratory space and are interested in getting your Green Lab Certification, check out this assessment tool on the Virginia Tech Environmental Health and Safety website.